The temperature at the Alcudia Waterpark

So many people ask me about the water parks in the Summer. Many people even want to go in the low season when it is cooler and the locals are still shivering in their fleece jackets!

Hidropark AlcudiaLet’s face it: the water in the swimming pools is never warm, not even in August. What changes is the outside temperature. Sometimes people are so boiling in the sun that they just have to jump into the water to cool down. So on a sunny day in May, the temperature of the water is not going to be that much different from the temperature of the water at any other time of the year. The question is: are you brave enough to get out of the water again when the air is only 25 degrees instead of 35 degrees?! I can tell you, most kids are up for it… it’s just poor old dad who gets dragged along with them who isn’t so keen!

Alcudia water park will be open this year from the 1st of May so you can go along and test the water for yourself…

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