Alcudia Waterpark – Things To Bring

These are some things that you have to bring and some things you have to leave at home at the Alcudia Waterpark :

What to leave at home:

  • Cut-off jeans, shorts and any articles of clothing with zippers or buttons. They may damage the slides, and most water parks prohibit them.
  • Rafts or other air-filled flotation toys. Most parks don’t allow you to bring in these items as they obstruct lifeguards’ views of pool bottoms and thus can interfere with lifeguards’ abilities to make sure all guests are safe in the water.
  • Valuables. Leave valuables (watches, jewelry, etc ) at your hotel. You don’t want to lose them in the water.
  • Armbands. These air-filled swimming aids shouldn’t be used in place of life jackets or life preservers with kids. They provide both parents and kids with a false sense of security, which can increase the risk of drowning. They also are at risk of being punctured and deflating. Most parks offer life jackets or preservers, often for free.

Lockers are available in which you can store clothing or extra belongings such as the following:

  •  A well-fit swimsuit. Wear it under a light-weight coverup for greatest ease. Make sure your suit fits well so it will stay in place when you go down a waterslide or on a water ride.
  • Plastic swim diapers on your babies. If you don’t bring them, the Alcudia Waterpark will often have them for sale.
  • Sick guests. If you or one of your party has an illness, such as diarrhea, it’s best to stay out of the water, whether you are at a waterpark or other aquatic facility. That way, you’ll help keep the water clean and safe for other guests.
  • Protective cream. Use it generously and apply it often throughout the day.
  • Swim shoes. They’ll allow you to go directly from one water feature to another without having to take shoes off and on before getting in the water.


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