4 reasons to buy your ticket to Alcudia Waterpark

Here you have 4 reasons to book your ticket to Alcudia Waterpark with us:


  1. It’s easy!

All you have to do is go to our website, select how many adults and children and then print your ticket. It’s that simple: you save time and get the best deal.


  1. Save money!

Why pay more for something when you can pay less? When you book online with No Frills Excursions you get a 5% discount on the entrance price keeping you and your wallet happy! Save money on transport costs to and from the Alcudia water park too: see the next point.

  1. Fast entrance ticket:

Booking the Alcudia water park online means your ticket is automatically upgraded , which means that when you get to the Hidropark you don’t have to queue to get inside; you just go straight to the front and show your ticket giving you more time for fun inside the park.

alcudia water park

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