Alcudia Water Park – Review from a client

Alcudia – Summer 2011

I decided to go on holiday to Alcudia after seeing the average temperatures in august of around 33º C. Alcudia was actually one of the hottest places I have ever been to, and has some of the best weather I have experienced. With the brilliant blue sky’s and high temperatures of 40º C plus, I decided with my family to cool of at the Alcudia water park.

The whole family and a family we had met, thought we would go to Alcudia water park. As the adults were feeling the affects of the night before, we cooled off in the fantastic cools waters. The kids went off on the slides, which keep them very busy while we relaxed. The girls decided they wanted to top up their tans, while the guys took the opportunity to sober up in the cool pools.

In the afternoon we all had lunch in the Alcudia water park. Both family’s agreed the food was value for money. We would recommend the pizzas as they were filling and delicious. Once we had lunch we all relaxed next to the pool for awhile. Once the girls finished crisping in the sun and the guys got over their hangovers, we all enjoyed the pools and various slides as a group. As we was in a big group we took advantage of the fast track tickets that was a big help, as it was busy.

At the end of the day as we was leaving, there was a chance to get 5% discount on returning, when booking with NoFrills Excursions. As we had a good day we decided to take this opportunity another day.

We returned a few days later and enjoyed Alcudia water park even more, as we was sober and able to see everything Alcudia water park had to offer. Even though the temperature was 42º C this day we had a great day and cooled off in the lovely cool waters.

On leaving we noticed something we missed the other day due to being hung over, and it was a chance to book another trip with NoFrills Excursions and get 5% off. I had heard about Nofrills Excursions from Tripadvisor before. The family decided to take this discount and went to Aqualand. This was a fantastic excursion and great value for money. We also noticed that the Alcudia water park also catered to family’s as it had an offer so two adults enter and one child gets in free. Even though we was not able to take this offer, as it was a September offer, we was still impressed.

The whole family enjoyed Alcudia water park, especially the kids. Alcudia water park is worth the money and the great offer to get 5% off whe booking with NoFrills Excursions again, made our holiday.

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