Planning a visit to the Alcudia Watepark

Much of today and yesterday has been spend at Hidropark, a water park with slides etc that is owned by our resort, meaning we get free unlimited entry. The park has a load of slides, which are the main highlight:
1) Tube slides – Typical water slides which threw you about a bit but are generally quite lethargic.

Parallel Slides III - Alcudia Water park

2) Smooth slides – These result in one of two things: if you are small you get stuck on the ridge and have to push your way down. If you are big you get spun round and hit the water backwards. I got spun round and hit the water backwards. Which was a bit of a shock to begin with.

FOAM Race II - Alcudia Water park

3) Kamikaze slides – It’s debatable whether the long walk and queue is worthwhile when these slides take less than fifteen seconds to ride. They are steep and therefore pretty fast. There are also some ridges which cause you to leave the slide and fly forwards for a second or two. My first ride on these actually caused a major injury in my shoulder. Quite fun none the less.


To entertain us there is also a pool which artificially produces waves and the delight of my brother in random pools when he least expects it. The heat has been a only a little more bearable than on the day of our arrival and being in water is the best way to cope with it. I was however promised that the holiday would consist of much more than sitting by pools (it’s really not me) so I am waiting to see if this promise will be kept.

Bizarrely, the resort we are in is full of Scottish people, possible because it might be school holiday time in Scotland at the moment. The presence of all these Scots in a hot climate makes me question whether I am in a parallel dimension version of Scotland, where the temperature is twice as high as in our dimension.

Speaking of silly sci-fi ideas, I have been reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and it is quickly becoming one of my favourite books ever. It has so many funny bits and it’s sci-fi, making it right up my street. The last chapter I read saw Marvin the Paranoid Android have an extensive conversation with a mattress. Pure brilliance!

Every evening there is some very noisy entertainment outside our hotel. Last night it was traditional Majorcan dancing which seemed to be a lot like Morris dancing but with less violence and more castanets. Goodness knows what will be on tonight!

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