A review on TripAdvisor about the Alcudia Waterpark

This is a review published on trip advisor on July 2011 about the Alcudia water park:

There is a reasonable good selection of slide & water entertainment within the Alcudia waterpark. However there are some additional attractions which require extra payment for at the Alcudia waterpark, such as the pedal boats, plastic bubble on the pond, for each of these you need to go back & buy a separate ticket: think about it a lot of people will have left their money in the locker or will have to go back & start queuing once more. Management at the Alcudia water park should have a means that would allow you to purchase a token on the way in at the main entrance that would allow you access to the additional facilities, rather than having to queue up repeatedly. 
In the wave swimming pool there is floor tiles coming loose and some missing, and expansion groves on the pool floor that can cause you some toe injuries, this should not be allowed. 
There is no handrail leading down the steps to the large locker room. In the gents changing room there was floor tiles missing & cracked, right at the seating benches, so much so that if you were not observant \ careful you could get a bad cut on your feet. It is ridiculous to allow such shabby standards in a public changing facility at the Alcudia waterpark.
The hot food area at the Alcudia waterpark has a varied selection. The food was a gap filler but there is a lot that could be done to improve the quality of some of the dishes in particular the fish dishes, heavy & greasy. 
The prices within the Alcudia water park are reasonable. There is a large crazy golf course, which is well laid out & supervision at the water slides is well done.(addition fee)

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