How to get from Bellevue to the Alcudia Waterpark

If you want to visit the local waterpark her in Alcudia buy your fast track tickets from the Bellevue nofrills excursions shop and it’s a short 10 minute walk from your hotel.


Just walk out of the hotel Bellevue and you will pass the chemist on your right hand side keep walking and then on your left hand side you will pass the jolly roger restaurant keep on walking and you will be walking by the lake in front of the hotel Lagamonte, you will then walk over the bridge keep on going until you reach the main road.
Then cross the road and turn right and you will pass the 2 big white hotels called Jupiter and Marte , ounce you reach the Marte turn left and there on your right hand side you will find the local water park Hidropark.

And then you don’t need to queue you can just go through the fast track entrance ……!!!

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