The Foam Race And The Multi6 in the Alcudia Waterpark

Alcudia Waterpark features four very fast and fun open topped slides called The Foam Race
First you climb up a series of steps to reach the top of the slides. Then, when you are ready jump away!
See who can get to the bottom first and be crowned champion of Alcudia Waterpark.

This is a great activity for the whole family!

Alcudia Waterpark's FOAM Slides Alcudia Waterpark's Parallel Slides Alcudia Waterpark's FOAM Slides

The Multi6 at Alcudia Waterpark is appropriately named since it has exactly that. Six open air slides directly next door to each other. This is one of Alcudia Waterpark most famous slides and really popular too! Climb safely up the stairs to the top of the slides then choose your color: green, orange, yellow, blue or red.
They’re all pretty much the same but all offer bundles of fun!

The Spiral in the Alcudia Waterpark The Spiral in the Alcudia Waterpark
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