Review on the Alcudia Waterpark

Hello to all the fans of the Alcudia waterpark; the family Jenkins just sent us this review about their visit to the Alcudia Water park:

I have to say having read some reviews I was reluctant to visit the Hidropark but there came a point in our holiday when we’d visited everywhere else and I couldn’t put the kids off any longer. I expected to be squished in tightly, shoulder to shoulder in the pools and on the loungers with other holidaymakers, with ridiculously long queues for everything, so I plastered a smile on my face and vowed to just get it over with as quickly and cheerfully as possible! I was pleasantly surprised. There was plenty of space… way more space in fact than we had around the hotel pool. We didn’t bother with sun loungers we just laid our towels out on the tiered seating area (admittedly this was stone but oddly more comfortable to the back than some sun loungers and conveniently away from the loud speakers!) and plenty of other people laid their towels in the main, shaded seating areas. The max time we queued was approx 15 mins and that was usually in the morning when it was a little busier. The slides were great fun, the kids were never off them and the life guards were ever vigilant and helpful in a way that puts some of the British pools I’ve visited to shame! There were activites such as Aqua Zumba and water polo on throughout the day, something for everyone and I have to mention the barman at the cocktail bar who makes the most amazing cocktails right in front of you, a perfect way to end the day! Once we’d been, we didn’t bother with the hotel pool but went to Hidropark everyday and had a great time, everytime. That said, we had free access to the park as part of our hotel package, if we’d been paying full price to get in I may not have been so impressed although I’m confident we still would have visited more than once. We visited 2 Sept onwards at the end of the season so it may have been busier in the previous weeks. We didn’t pay for lockers because we didn’t carry much with us which if you’re travelling from somewhere else is not really possible and the photographers snap away all day and try to nab you as you’re leaving to buy their photos. E10 for one E15 for two which they’re not always worth, particularly if you haven’t asked for a photo and therefore not specified what you’d like. You can ask them to take an action shot of you/your family on a slide which are nice keepsakes. Food and drinks can be a bit overpriced too.
My kids stayed most of the day for the last 5 days of our hol and never got fed up, the park is a bit of a sun trap so the adults could work on their tan between cooling off in the pools. Overall, we loved it!

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2 Responses to Review on the Alcudia Waterpark

  1. Linda says:

    Quite amusing that you chose to put up this review which is a good review, but is from someone who didn’t have to pay to get in! It seems that the general consensus is that you have to pay a lot to get in and then a whole lot more for things that you would expect to be included! We are coming to Majorca next year and I had thought we would come here for certain, but having read many other offputting reviews, I’m now not so sure!

    • Hi Linda

      thanks for the comment. As you can see at the Alcudia Water park we include all the opinions, good and bad, and yours is an example.
      At any water park (all over Europe) you have to pay for some extra things, for example sunbeds.
      Thanks for passing and commenting!

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