My day at the waterpark by Kerry (From No Frills Excursions)

I am Kerry and I work in the No Frills Office in Puerto Pollensa. Occasionally on my day off I go to the Alcudia Waterpark. It´s quite close to where I live. I particularly enjoy the foam race and Multi6 and racing my husband to the bottom. I win every time 🙂
I am never brave enough to go on the kamikaze, prefer a nice cold drink while I watch my husband´s brave antics.
On my last visit I joined in with the water aerobics that they have, I don’t have much time for exercise in the summer so this was a perfect opportunity.
Even though I live and work on the island, I never miss an opportunity to catch some rays, and going to the Alcudia water park is perfect.
For tickets and information on how to get to the Alcudia water park you can visit my shop in Puerto Pollensa. This entitles you to a Fast Track Entrance ticket.

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