Alcudia Waterpark Events

The Alcudia waterpark is more than just a waterpark. If you want to celebrate a special event with your friends or just to organise a part, the alcudia waterpark is a great place.

Alcudia water park has a beautiful terrace which is perfect for arranging an unforgettable occasion, day or evening. (min. 50 people). The Alcudia water park can also help with catering, entertainment, decoration… almost anything and everything. The capacity for dining guests at the Alcudia waterpark is 900 people.

What kind of events you can celebrate at the Alcudia waterpark?
Wedding, hen nights, stag nights, parties, white parties… all that your imagination can bring up is possible at the Alcudia waterpark.

An example of an event at the Alcudia waterpak:
In 2010 it was organised the Ibiza Summer festival at the Alcudia water park being a great success with many famous DJS and great fun.

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